At Nungar Knots we use only the highest quality materials in the construction of all our products. The craftsmen at Nungar Knots take pride in every item that they make, ensuring only the highest quality products are sold. There are strict guidelines that must be adhered to in the hand making of all Nungar Knots products. This level of quality assurance begins with rope selection and follows right through to the careful packaging of each product. Double braided polyester yachting rope is used to construct our rope products. It is strong and durable and yet soft and supple so it is comfortable for both horse and trainer. We have a wide range of colour options to choose from right across our range of products. Colour matching your gear for each horse is easy even if you have a few! The fiador knot (under the chin) on all our headstalls is mechanically tightened to reduce the risk of it becoming loose. In the construction of lead ropes and reins with clips, only true double braid eye splices are used. This enhances the quality and strength of the product because the core remains in place within the rope sheath. Download Product catalogue here.

Changes and alterations

The products listed on the web site are the standard Nungar Knots products. We can make minor changes and alterations to most products. For example; Longer/shorter reins, red/brown leather poppers instead of black or a tassle on reins with slobber straps. If you would like any of these options or something else, just ask your local Nungar Knots retailer to give us a call to discuss your requirements. Where possible we will be happy to personalise your Nungar Knots products for you. Note that extra charges may apply.

Custom made products

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements. As we are a wholesale only business, all custom made products will need to be ordered through a retailer.


We are happy to do minor repairs (eg; re-tie fiador knot, replace leather popper) on genuine Nungar Knots products. Give us a call to discuss and if it is repairable, we will do our best to help you. Charges may apply.