The Hackamore is constructed using 6mm double braided polyester yachting rope. It is made in the same way as the knotted headstall but with extra room under the chin allowing for attachment of the Mecate Reins. The fiador knot (under the chin) is mechanically tightened to reduce the risk of it becoming loose. The Hackamore can be supplied on it’s own or as a combo set with either 12mm or 14mm Mecate Reins. (See Reins page for more details) Real live horses and old style saddler measurements have been used in setting hackamore sizes to ensure the correct fit for each horse. The full size is big to fit a true full size horse.

Available Sizes

Hackamore in 6mm Yachting Rope Pony, Cob, Arab, Full & Draft Hackamore Combo with 12mm or 14mm Yachting Rope Mecate Rein Pony, Cob, Arab, Full & Draft

Available Colours

Solid Black  Black with Red Fleck  Black with Blue Fleck  Solid Blue  Blue with Cream Fleck  Blue with Red Fleck  Solid Red  White with Red Fleck  White with Blue Fleck  Pink with Purple Fleck  Solid Purple  Solid Brown  Solid Green  Green with Gold Fleck