FAQS & Info

Can I adjust the knots on the headstall?

Nungar Knots recommend you do not try to move the knots on the headstall as the proportions may be lost. If the knots require moving the incorrect size is being used.

Can I buy directly from Nungar Knots?

Nungar Knots is a wholesale business only and will not sell direct to the public. If you are having trouble finding Nungar Knots products, please refer to our Retailers page.

Is it possible to make minor changes to products when ordering through my local retailer?

Yes. We are happy to make minor changes to products. Please see the Products page for more information.

My local retailer doesn’t have the product I want. Where can I purchase it?

You can try one of the online stores featured on the Retailers page. Many of these stock our entire range so ordering the exact product you are looking for is easy.

How do I keep my rope products clean?

We recommend washing your products in cold water regularly. If the dirt is allowed to remain in the fibres it will shorten the life span of your product. Leather poppers will benefit from a quick clean with a leather cleaner/conditioner.

Why use yachting rope?

On the ocean rope is exposed to the most extreme weather conditions on earth. This includes seawater spray, heat, UV exposure, and most obviously tremendous strain as it is pulled and clamped with the various mechanisms and forces of a sailing vessel. Yachting rope is strong and durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. Yachting rope is a polyester composite so it will stay supple under all conditions making it an all season product.

How are Nungar Knots products made?

All Nungar Knots products are made individually by hand. The Nungar Knots production team have been highly trained in the manufacturing process to ensure that all products that leave for the retail shelf are of the highest standard. All staff are themselves horse owners and proudly use Nungar Knots products. Real live horses and old style saddler measurements have been used in setting Bridle, Headstall & Hackamore sizes to ensure the correct fit for each horse. The 'fiador' knot (clip knot under the chin on the headstall), is mechanically tightened to reduce the risk of loosening. In the construction of lead ropes and reins with clips, only true double braid eye splices are used. This enhances the quality and strength of the product because the core remains in place within the rope sheath. A geniune Nungar Knots product will not let you down.