We have three different styles of bridles being the Traditional Bridle, Freedom Bitless Bridle and the standard headstall type Bitless Bridle. All three products are constructed from high quality 6mm double braided polyester yachting rope and are available in the full Nungar Knots colour range. Traditional Bridle The traditional rope bridle is spliced rather than knotted together. The bridle is lightweight but very strong and has all the same adjustments found on a leather bridle. Any standard bit is easily attached. This bridle sits flat on the horses head minimising the chance of rubbing and ensures maximum comfort to the horse.

Freedom Bitless Bridle

The Freedom Bitless Bridle is a revolutionary new design in bitless bridles. It is spliced to sit flat on the horses head for maximum comfort. Reins easily attach to the two high quality stainless steel rings strategically placed on each side. It provides all the freedom and comfort of riding in a headstall but it’s innovative design gives the same control of a bridle. There is nothing to tighten around the horses face or nose and it does not apply pressure to the poll so it is well suited to horses that don’t respond well to the tightening sensation. The unique action of the bridle means that it does not need to be tight around the horses nose. The Freedom Bitless Bridle has been designed with the help and guidance of a natural horsemanship trainer with a focus on developing lightness and softness from the horse. For more pictures, video clips and reviews go to the Freedom Bitless Bridle page.

Budget Bitless Bridle

The bitless bridle is made to the same proportions as the headstall but with the addition of high quality stainless steel rings on each side, giving a ‘side pull’ effect when riding. This allows the rider the convenience of either riding with the reins attached to the side of the horses head for greater control or under the chin to the lead rope loop. Above these loops is the fiador knot and as with all Nungar Knots headstalls, this knot is mechanically tightened to reduce the chance of it loosening. This is especially important when attaching the reins to the rings.

Available Sizes

Traditional Bridle 6mm Yachting Rope Pony, Cob, Full & Draft Freedom Bitless Bridle 6mm Yachting Rope Pony, Arab, Cob, Anglo, Full & Draft (Contact us for a custom size) Budget Bitless Bridle 6mm Yachting Rope Pony, Arab, Cob, Full & Draft Real live horses and old style saddler measurements have been used in setting bridle sizes to ensure the correct fit for each horse. The full size is big to fit a true full size horse.

Available Colours

Solid Black  Black with Red Fleck  Black with Blue Fleck  Solid Blue  Blue with Cream Fleck  Blue with Red Fleck  Solid Red  White with Red Fleck  White with Blue Fleck  Pink with Purple Fleck  Solid Purple  Solid Brown  Solid Green  Green with Gold Fleck